About EDEN

Our purpose

The purpose of EDEN is not to drive capital gains, but to create a venture that will yield the highest possible practical value for members and stakeholders—especially the IE University Community.

The EDEN values

We're dedicated

We challenge ourselves and devote time and energy to our goals. We give it all we got and work together on a common vision. The EDEN community aims to become the first formal investment fund in Spain and works persistently to achieve this target.

We're a community

The EDEN community shares values, goals, beliefs and purposes. Despite our diversity, we are all connected through finance. We guide each other on a professional and personal level and encourage one another to perform at the highest level.

We're passionate

We share passion in finance and in seeing EDEN grow to its full potential. Passion unites EDEN into one organization with a clear vision. We are resilient when encountering obstacles and focus on a positive outlook. Passion at EDEN allows us to grow, improve and push ourselves and to never give up.

EDEN's goal

The goal of EDEN is to help students dive into the practicalities of the finance industry by educating them and creating a community.